Arguably the most effective Fray Tool in Diablo II – Secure All Your Adversaries in One Hit

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With a smorgasbord of capacities to supply, Dash of the Dying is an useful Runeword for fray personalities – if you can easily pay out the cost. The diablo 2 items  of the Dying is actually the only Runeword to utilize that rarest of runes – the Zod rune.


Any kind of Weapon along with 6 sockets

Runes (so as): Vex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + Eth

The statistics:

50% Opportunity To Cast Degree 20 Toxin Nova When You Eliminate An Adversary


+60% Improved Strike Speed

+350 -400% Boosted Damages (differs.

+200% Damage To Undead.

-25% Intended Self defense.

+50 To Strike Ranking.

+50 To Strike Ranking Versus Undead.

7% Mana Stolen Every Struck.

12-15% Lifestyle Stolen Every Attacked (differs).

Avoid Beast Heal.

+30 To All Characteristics.

+1 To Lightweight Span.

Demands -20%.

Let’s take a look at the bag of goodies available.

Fifty% Chance To Directed Level 20 Toxin Nova When You Eliminate A Foe.

Enjoyable to check out on display, yet since it may not be increased along with perks coming from items that boost skill amounts, this is certainly not a very helpful power. It works 356-390 harm, once you consider protection, the harm declines considerably. Close to useless in PvP because of the simple fact that you actually must get rid of monsters to receive this job, thus leaving your own self open up to strike.


The main disagreement to become created Everlasting is to ensure that you may create this Runeword with an Ethereal Berserker Axe. With the Ethereal residential property, not just will you receive a higher max damages coming from the Berserker Axe, but along with the Unbreakable on it, you would certainly never ever need to pay for a single gold piece to have it fixed ever once more. Nonetheless, considering that it is really effortless to bring in a great deal of money in Hell setting, this need to certainly never be major selling factor of a tool.

+60% Improved Assault Rate.

Great if you’re trying to obtain the optimum breakpoint, yet various other Runewords can supply you 30-40% IAS and are much more budget-friendly.

+350 -400% Boosted Damages (varies).

In relations to damages, the Despair Runeword gives a better gain, considering it is actually less expensive to create. This is actually considering that 400% damage on a Berserker Axe (the most well-known one handed weapon choice for a BOTD as a result of its higher organic damages) is actually certainly not as significant of a benefit as the +400 damage coming from Pain.

+200% Damages To Undead.

Not that useful for PvM: The crucial bosses in the game are devils. In PvP, they work against skeletal systems. But perform you truly need assist with Skeletons?

-25% Target Self defense.

Good, yet any kind of fray character interested in Assault Rating and also striking would certainly be utilizing Seraphic Items to recompense.

+50 To Assault Rating and +50 To Assault Rating Versus Undead.

View above.

7% Mana Stolen Every Struck.

12-15% Lifestyle Stolen Per Reached (differs).

These two are very respectable, also after thinking about the reduced profits in Hell setting.

Prevent Creature Heal.

PvM: Does not work with Supervisors, PvP: Nor Players.

+30 To All Features.

One of the greatest rewards supplied by the BOTD Runeword. Yet certainly not really wonderful by itself. You get a little of life, mana, damage, a trace element of protection as well as you boost your block %. But if you like to purchase Vigor instead of Strength as well as Mastery for weapon/armor requirements, this little reward can easily help you out. That additional smash hit aspects might create all the distinction between life and death in Hell setting.

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